MAC Total Cost of Ownership Calculator (TCO)

Operational expenditures (OPEX)
Capital expenditures (CAPEX)
Number of IT specialists, persons
Average monthly salary per IT professional, $
Average number of incidents per month
Average incident response time, minutes
Number of new devices introduced per month
Average time to prepare a new device, in minutes
Number of hours for IT maintenance per month
Approximate OPEX costs for IT device maintenance over 5 years, $
IT-support salaries
Downtime due to maintenance, over 5 years (30$/hour)
Savings on OPEX per month, $
Total OPEX savings over 5 years, $
Project self-sustainability
Loan rate in dollars per year, %
Costs of crediting the initial difference per month, $
Economic effect of implementation per month, $
The totals:
Enter the number of devices
Savings on Mac usage per month, $
TRADE-IN/BuyBack in the 3rd year, %
Savings when using TRADE-IN in the 3rd year
The average life cycle of device ownership, in years
To start using the calculator, enter your details and you'll see how much savings your business can achieve by deploying Mac devices across your organization.
BuyBack Mac in the 5th year, %
Monthly Savings for CAPEX, $
Device specifications
Overall savings for CAPEX over 5 years, $
Windows 10 PRO
Mac vs PC TCO comparison over 5 years
8 %
Savings over 5 years of Mac operation
Approximate costs of CAPEX over 5 years, $
Cost per device unit (with VAT), $
30 %
20 %
Please add data on your actual IT costs and indicate the duration and number of incidents.
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