Unique technologies within Logitech solutions.


Automatic camera control allows all participants to stay in the frame.


Optimizes light and color production, the camera captures participants with maximum quality


Improves sound quality and removes external noise.

Logitech Meeting Room Solutions

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Rally Bar Mini Set

All-in-one elite video panel for small spaces

Rally Bar Set

Multilateral video panel for medium-sized spaces

Rally Plus Set

Modular system for video conferencing in large spaces

Space solution

2-6 person

6-10 person

до 40 person

4 x HD digital zoom

15 x HD Zoom

Total maximum zoom - 15x (5x optical and 3x digital)

Intelligence viewfinder
Moving and changing the viewing angle using the drive
Панорамирование: с помощью привода, ±25°, наклон: с помощью привода, ±15°
Pan: Motorized, ±25°, Tilt: Motorized, ±15°
Pan: 180° (±90°), Tilt: 140° (+50° / -90°)
Field of View
Diagonal FOV: 120°, Horizontal FOV: 113°, Vertical FOV: 80.7°, Total Room Coverage (FOV + Pan & Tilt): 163° horizontal and 110° vertical
Diagonal FOV: 90°, Horizontal FOV: 82.1°, Vertical FOV: 52.2°, Total Room FOV (FOV+PAN/Tilt): 132.1° H/T and 82.2° ° vertical
Diagonal FOV: 90°, Horizontal FOV: 82°, Vertical FOV: 52°, Total Room Coverage (FOV + Pan & Tilt): 262° horizontal and 192° vertical
Integrated Components
6 microphones with the formation of a directional signal, PTZ camera, 3 speakers, intelligent viewfinder.
6 microphones with the formation of a directional signal, PTZ camera, 2 speakers, intelligent viewfinder.
RightSight Auto Framing
Improved sound quality RightSound
Expansion Microphones

Up to 2 modular Rally microphones

Up to 3 modular Rally microphones

Up to 7 modular Rally microphones



USB mode



  • Rally Bar Mini with built-in mini PC
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller
  • Power Supply
  • AC power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Remote control
  • Main lens cap and Intelligent Viewfinder
  • TV Mount for Video Bars
  • User Documentation
  • Rally Bar with built-in mini PC
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller
  • Power Supply
  • AC power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Remote control
  • Protective lens cover for main camera and intelligent viewfinder
  • TV Mount for Video Bars
  • User Documentation
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller
  • Rally Display Hub
  • Rally desktop hub
  • 2 speakers Rally
  • 2 Rally microphone modules
  • Remote control
  • USB Type-C cable connected to the USB Type-C connector
  • USB Type-A cable connected to the USB Type-B connector
  • CAT6A Ethernet cable
  • 2 HDMI Type-A cables
  • 2 cables for connecting to AC power
  • 2 power supplies
  • Intel® NUC Mini PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • TV Mount for Video Bars
  • Documentation
Оснащен 10,1-дюймовым сенсорным экраном с высокой четкостью изображения. Подключается к компьютеру через USB, обеспечивая возможность интеграции календарей и мгновенного обмена данными.
Контроллер Logitech Tap

Бесплатное тестирование

Подключить, настроить и правильно использовать оборудование Вам поможет наш квалифицированный специалист.
Перед покупкой оборудования, Вам доступна возможность взять демо-комплект Logitech абсолютно бесплатно. Это поможет Вам более точно понять свои потребности и рассеять сомнения о покупке.
Попробуйте сами.

Экосистема Logitech

Мы также хотим предложить вам закрыть потребности ваших команд в сфере
персональной коллаборации, ведь Logitech предлагает комплексную экосистему решений.

Решения для переговорных комнат всех типов и размеров

Стационарные и мобильные персональные решения: камеры и гарнитуры

Аксессуары: мыши и клавиатуры

Переходники для устройств: Logitech Swytch

Специальные нишевые устройства для образования Logitech Scribe

Взаимодействие с популярными сервисами видеосвязи: Zoom, Google meet, Teams

What problems can we help solve?

Users won't be able to use the solution, it's too complicate

Conference scheduling takes place in the usual way from Outlook, and the launch of the conference is done by pressing a single button on the touch panel.

Solution won't fit my meeting room

We have provided solutions for meeting rooms of various sizes. In case of a completely non-standard room configuration or specific requirements, our specialists will develop an individual solution for you.

I'm not satisfied with the quality of video, sound, etc.

Logitech is the technology leader in the market for such solutions. Its Rightsence technology ensures optimal framing of all participants, optimize light balance and color, enhances voice clarity by suppressing background noise and echo, automatically leveling the voice range, and focusing on the active speaker so everyone can be heard.

Deployment will take too long

All equipment is already in warehouses in Moscow, and the whole process from the moment the solution is purchased will take no more than two weeks.


in the world in the camera market

for meeting rooms








центров технической



supplied products

every week


What is included in the solution?

The solution includes a set of equipment for the selected type of premises, installation and configuration of this equipment, training of the Customer's specialists to work with the equipment.

Is a Microsoft Teams Rooms license included with the solution?

No, the license must be purchased separately

Can I change the composition of the solution and order additional components and accessories (microphones, whiteboard camera, mounts, etc.)?

Yes, but it will be necessary to clarify the delivery time of a non-standard solution

Can I test the solution before buying?

Yes, please indicate your contacts in the "Leave a request" form and our manager will contact you to clarify a convenient time

Can the solution be used for other video conferencing systems (Zoom, WebEx, etc.)?

Yes. To do this, to an existing solution via Swytch allows you to easily switch a meeting room configured for MS Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms to a “bring a laptop” usage model without compromising infrastructure. You need to connect a computer with another software client

How can the equipment be managed and monitored?

With the free Logitech Sync app

Is there a hardware warranty?

Yes, 2-year limited hardware warranty included

Мы ценим ваше время и используем
профессиональный подход в работе.

Правильно подобрать оборудование, а также быстро его установить и запустить
Вам поможет специалист полностью сертифицированный по всем продуктам компании.

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