Bring your meetings to a high professional level with Video Conferencing Systems from Prestigio Solutions.

FHD, UHD, 4K, advanced and clear sound, Plug&Play option, biometric security and other innovative features that meet modern requirements for any conference room.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Personal Solutions
8 to 12 seats
With FULL HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and two built-in microphones, the Windows Hello Camera allows you to communicate in high definition. Make your brand the last word on high quality the eyes of your partners and customers.
Professional 4K PTZ Camera broadcasts video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, can shoot within a radius of 170 °, has multiple optical and digital zoom. Also, 4K PTZ Camera is equipped with many universal ports for quick connection to devices and can be powered over Ethernet, located anywhere in the room.
16 to 20 seats
Large rooms
This 13MP UHD Camera delivers bright and colorful high-definition images. Its 4K resolution and 30fps frame rate ensures clear images and maximum realism in videos. The autofocus feature allows you not to worry about camera settings, so you can pay maximum attention to your presentation.
2 to 6 Seats
Small rooms
The Collaboration Bar and Collabaration Bar Gamma are great 3-in-1 meeting room solutions. In one device, you immediately get an excellent 4K camera with digital zoom and a wide viewing angle, a powerful speaker and 6 built-in noise-cancelling microphones.

Medium room
Speakerphone provides premium clear sound with 6 microphones with automatic noise and echo cancellation, while the voice pickup range reaches 5 meters in all directions.
Fast connection is provided by Bluetooth, USB and AUX ports, and a powerful built-in battery and wireless charging function will save you from unnecessary wires.
Multifunctional software from Prestigio Solutions
for meeting rooms and classrooms of any type and size

Screen mirroring | Video conferencing through any application | Calendar integration | Wireless connection | Ease of use

JoinU - Multifunctional software for meeting rooms

Benefits of our solutions

We offer specialized business solutions to improve your business processes and increase the efficiency of your meetings. You save time, improve quality, thereby reducing costs and increasing profits.

  • Improve efficiency

    High-quality calls and fast installation "plug&play" maximize the efficiency of your conferences.

  • High video conferencing quality

    Our solutions allow you to hold meetings in high quality: FHD or 4K with advanced and clear sound.

  • Innovative technologies

    Use all the benefits of advanced technologies such as PTZ function, smart autofocus, biometric security and other features that are not available in conventional user devices.

  • Increase your brand attractiveness

    Make your brand associate with high quality in communication with partners or customers.

  • Adaptation

    Find a solution according to your needs which will perfectly adapt to your processes. Whether it's a personal working place, small meeting room or a large conference hall.

  • Modern design

    Smooth and minimal design will highlight status of your business.

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